Welcome to the Staples Coding Club, a group of students focusing on learning new things related to coding!

Our current club presidents are Tom Zhang, Ryan Salik, and Graham Zemel.
Our club treasurer is Arda Ernamli.
Our club secretary is Caitlyn Chu.

How big is the commitment?

We understand that high school can be stressing at times, but we usually have weekly meetings Wednesdays at 2:45 in room 3025 for those who would like to join. If you have specific questions about coding problems or projects you’re doing (school related projects included), feel free to contact one of us through our websites, or DM us on Instagram @shscoding

Is there a minimum experience level required to join?

Nope, you can join knowing 0 coding languages or having taken AP Computer Science courses (or more!)

How will this help me?

You will be able to show off your independent projects as part of your portfolio and apply techniques to future work!

When and where is the weekly club meeting?

We meet in-person on Wednesday, in Room 3025 from 2:45 to 3:45 PM.

Members are not required to come to every meeting, but highly encouraged. Feel free to drop in, we have pizza!🍕

Which areas/skills are involved?

AI and machine learning are a major component of this year’s coding club, as well as web and game development.

What kind of events will we attend?

External events that are taking place, including hackathons (like Wafflehacks and Rookiehacks), game jams, and programming competitions (such as USACO or Lockheed Martin’s Code Quest).

Prior to that, students can learn the necessary skills and techniques in web development and game development.

What if my interests are not listed?

There’s a ton of different computer science ‘branches’, so whether you like making websites or coding simple tools we do our best to accomodate the learning of everyone in the club. If theres a specific topic you’d like to go further into, you can always shoot an email or utilize the contact info on each of our websites. (Tom Zhang | Ryan Salik | Graham Zemel)