Welcome! We are the Staples High School Coding Club, a group of students that focus on learning new things related to computer science! We aim to collaborate on various projects based on the members’ interests and skills.

Our current club leaders are Graham Zemel (‘22), Tom Zhang (‘23), and Ryan Salik (‘23). You can contact them to join the club or sign up using the form on the homepage!

Is there a minimum experience level required to join?

We welcome students ranging from beginners to experts!

How big is the commitment?

We understand that things get busy in high school, so you can decided how much you want to commit. We would recommend at least learning one new thing related to coding every week.

When and where is the weekly club meeting?

We will be meeting in-person on Wednesday, in Room 3025 from 2:45 to 3:45 PM. Members are not required to come to every meeting. Feel free to drop in just to try it out!

On other days, we may have virtual engagements on various topics through Discord.

What if I can’t come to the meetings?

No problem, just engage with the club online on our Discord server over the week (DM/Email Discord ID to any club member to join).

Which areas/skills are being focused on?

AI and machine learning are a major component of this year’s coding club, and there may be seminars on AI given by guest speakers from the professional AI industry.

Members will also be exposed to mathematical modeling and visualization with Python’s modules/packages, including Matplotlib, Plotly, and Manim. These skills may be applied by juniors and seniors in the annual MathWorks Math Modeling Challenge!

The club will also be partnering with the Staples Cryptocurrency club to better understand blockchain technology and different real-world tasks that they may come across, such as building websites or apps collaboratively.

What kind of events will the club be attending?

We will announce external events that are taking place, including hackathons (like MIT Blueprint), game jams, and programming competitions (such as USACO or Lockheed Martin’s Code Quest).

There may be internal events at the school to create games or scenes and compete against students and teachers!

Prior to that, students can learn the skills/techniques used in those events, including algorithms, mobile app development, web development, etc.

What if my interests are not listed?

There are a lot of areas that intersect with computer science and it is difficult to cover them all, so feel free to introduce the club to anything you might be knowledgeable about!

How was this website made?

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